It’s almost been a year since quarantine began and for many of us a lot has changed. For instance many are now working at home, and many are at home working and trying to teach their kids too.  Quarantine has brought so much change.

In the fashion world, a new clothing category, “Lounge wear” has emerged. Lounge wear is the fashion industry’s answer to our need for comfort during this time of isolation. Who doesn’t love big, comfy clothing? Pre-quarantine we couldn’t wait to get home for work and jump into our comfy clothes, remember that?

So, after a year, is wearing big, comfy clothing still fun or are we ready to move on? I, personally, can’t wait to ditch the lounge wear. I have felt disconnected with what I’m wearing for a year and am ready to get back to the clothing that lifts my spirit. My spirit does want comfort, but it also wants clothing that helps me feel confident and strong.

Listening to your spirit is a form of self-care and self-care is so important right now. Figuring out what your spirit wants, may help lift spirit during this time of isolation.

I came up with a “Style Reading” to help you better understand how your spirit wants to express itself through style. This reading will help you better connect with your spirit so that you can feel better and more confident in what you are wearing. Think of it as a different way to practice self-care!

To learn more about a Style Reading and to book one, go to our Accessories page.


As a note: I have been a practicing psychic reader for over 20 years. I went through a 12 month intensive psychic training at Invision in Chicago. I read in present time and do not predict the future. Part of my daily self-care routine includes meditation.