Image Diary – Memorial Water Vines Scarf


The image on this silk chiffon scarf is from a photo collage of the Illinois Vietnam Memorial in downtown Chicago. This piece came together on a rainy November day as I attended a Veteran’s memorial service at this Chicago river front space. The memorial is formal, yet the fountains of water that spring from the front of the wall of names speaks to a freedom that these men and women fought for. The vines in the photograph represent the jungle through which both sides had to fight. For those of you who don’t know, my father was KIA in Vietnam in 1967; this event and the area feature prominently in my art and writing

About Artist: 

I am Scottie Kersta-Wilson, a Chicago-based artist and designer. I created to tell my story and that of my family. To consider my military and war-filled history feels imperative to me. I need a place to meld my writing and photography, which feels inseparable to me anyway. Storytelling, whether in words or images or a combination of both, is how I learn and is a gift I can give. For the most part, my storytelling is about war – its destruction, beauty, unintended consequences, and inevitability. I cannot separate my military bloodline from my being any more than I can change my eye color. History is full of stories of military conquest. I hope that mine, told in my fabrics, can add something to the tale and take away from the misery.


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