Image Diary – Ragdale Reeds Scarf


How do you define and see nature? For me, nature is green – every shade of green imaginable. That’s not to say that any other color gets left out, not at all, it’s just that I can taste and feel green – it is all immersive. This image for me defines the Illinois prairie in its many colors that shift with the time of day the the weather. I captured this image while at a residency at the Ragdale Foundation. I have been there twice, in different seasons, and this manipulated photograph reflects both times.

About Artist: 

I am Scottie Kersta-Wilson, a Chicago-based artist and designer. I created to tell my story and that of my family. To consider my military and war-filled history feels imperative to me. I need a place to meld my writing and photography, which feels inseparable to me anyway. Storytelling, whether in words or images or a combination of both, is how I learn and is a gift I can give. For the most part, my storytelling is about war – its destruction, beauty, unintended consequences, and inevitability. I cannot separate my military bloodline from my being any more than I can change my eye color. History is full of stories of military conquest. I hope that mine, told in my fabrics, can add something to the tale and take away from the misery.


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