Julie Kramer

Julie Kramer founded Shift Clothier, Inc. in 2010 with the intention of giving women a clothing and accessory line that is ageless, comfortable and fun to wear. Shift clothing inspires women to express their authentic style through fashion and gives women a hip option of clothing and accessory choice to help develop personal style. Julie believes that your clothing should reflect your spirit and your soul.  When you wear something that makes you feel good, you are showing your true authenticity.

Being a powerful woman is being a complete woman. We all find inner power in our own unique way.  Wearing a powerful piece on the outside only helps enhance your inner power.

With that being said, Julie has a passion to empower women. In 2015, she developed a product line, Dream in Me, to help empower girls to connect with their dreams and to live their dreams. Helping girls connect with their dreams early in life, helps them develop self-confidence and find their voice early in life. The goal is for every girl to have the opportunity to have a dream, express a dream, live a dream and be happy!